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New Chart Properties in Profound UI

Posted by Rob Ferguson on Jan 10, 2013 2:32:22 AM

Profound UI’s chart widget allows you to create a variety of different charts driven from either an RPG program or a direct SQL request to a database file. In Profound UI version 4.2.2. some new features were added to the chart widget allowing you to detect if a chart section was clicked. A new property onchartclick is available to fire any client side JavaScript and the chart response property allows you to send a response back to your RPG program for server side handling.

To set up a chart drilldown with chart response
When you click on a chart, the name of the chart section you clicked will be passed to the alpha field bound to the chart response property and control is then passed back to your RPG program. Your program can determine what section was clicked by evaluating the field and take whatever action is required, perhaps displaying a second chart or other relevant data.

To set up a client side event such as opening a specific browser window
If you click a chart it will also fire a function or block of JavaScript code you have entered into the onchartclick property, passing the name of the section that was clicked. This function could then evaluate the section name and open a new browser window to a web page containing information relevant to that section.

Details on how to use these properties are available here:

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