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IBM i Pulse: May 5th, 2017

Posted by Tim Losee on May 5, 2017 9:00:00 AM


Glad to have you back for this week's IBM i news roundup! This week we are looking at this weekend's COMMON conference, Why it's time for IBM i, and Location, Location, Location. But First...

Brian May had a great article on how you can increase your RPG skills for MC Press Online. This was a great read, helping you learn about free format, ILE and so much more. Great article Brian!

Source: http://www.mcpressonline.com/career/updating-your-rpg-skills

Top Ten Things to Know Before Heading to COMMON 

by Alex Woodie

Most of our readers will be traveling this weekend to the annual COMMON conference to learn, teach and get new insight into the IBM i world. But with so much to do and so little time, what should you focus on if you are on your way to the conference? Alex Woodie gives you his top ten things to see at this years COMMON conference, and Profound Logic is especially looking forward to #1. Check out the other nine things to do at COMMON below:

Source: https://www.itjungle.com/2017/05/01/top-ten-things-know-heading-common/

Native Open Source: Why It's Time for IBM i

by Alex Woodie

Many people think of Open Source and IBM i as two separate worlds, but more and more developers are looking to open source languages (PHP, Ruby, Node.js) to help modernize their IBM i systems. But there is still a large contingent of programmers that are either resistant to any Open Source languages or afraid of the potential dangers in transitioning to them. But even IBM has opened the door to allow Open Sourcing on their systems:

"Make no mistake about it: getting PHP, Ruby, Python, Node.js and the others to run on IBM i is a good move by IBM. The work Big Blue has done to bring these technologies to IBM i – much of which is delivered through the 5733 OPS Open Source Technologies offering – shows that it’s not deaf to the cries of the IBM i faithful to help it modernize the platform and make it more relevant to the new generation of coders."

It is becoming clearer that using Open Sourcing to help modernize your IBM i is the wave of the future. Profound Logic has been leading the charge when it comes to using Node.js to help our customers modernize their IBM i with Profound.js. Also, if you want a sneak peak at what is next for Profound.js; take a look at our recent Press Release

Source: https://www.itjungle.com/2017/04/19/native-open-sauce-time-ibm/

Mad Dog 21/21: Location, Location, Location

by Hesh Wiener

Geolocation has become a huge influencer in the world of mobile technology. With the introduction of apps like Waze and Google Maps we have seen in uptick in the use of geolocations by companies like Uber and Lyft. But geolocation isn't just for transportation companies. Many companies have use for a navigation based technology and it is becoming increasingly obvious that to stay with the times, companies must adapt to new technologies. 

This article can help you determine if your company might benefit from use of geolocation. If you feel like this might be an asset to your business, check out our Profound Mobile module and see if we can help modernize your IBM i mobile navigation needs. 

Source: https://www.itjungle.com/2017/05/01/mad-dog-2121-location-location-location/


Our own Liam Allan was highlighted in the latest IBM i Systems Magazine edition as one of the future faces of the IBM i world. Check out that article here: Keep up the good work Liam!

One of our focuses for 2017 is the continued adoption of Node.js in IBM i shops. Click here to read our white paper on Why Node.js Is The Solution Your Company Needs.

And there, you're all caught up! Sounds like we have an interesting 2017!

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