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IBM i Pulse: March 2nd, 2018

Posted by Tim Losee on Mar 2, 2018 10:59:45 AM


Glad to have you back for this week's IBM i Pulse! Each week we will be taking a deeper look at the latest IBM i and Profound Logic news. 

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Scaling Node.js Applications by Samer Buna

Scalability in Node.js is something that is ingrained in the core of the run-time. If you are running multiple nodes for your Node application or running a Node process on every CPU core of your production machine, then Node has a built-in module to help assist you with that. Node's cluster module gives you a solution that utilizes the full CPU power of a machine as well as helps you increase the availability of your Node processes and gives you an option to restart the whole application with no downtime. Samer dives into some of the strategies of scalability including:

  • Cloning
  • Decomposing 
  • Splitting
  • The Cluster Module
  • Load Balancing an HTTP Server
  • and more...

See the full list of strategies in the article 

More Than One Million People Took Open Source Courses by Swapnil Bhartiya

Open Source is quickly becoming the most popular development model in the enterprise world, with heavy hitters like Oracle and Microsoft embracing new and exciting Open Source technologies. When a software development model becomes this popular this quickly the first thing to suffer is the demand for skilled developers. As the available jobs keep growing, the market does not have enough talented developers to meet the demand. Node.js is one of the leaders in the Open Source movement and is one of the more sought after languages to learn.

Thankfully, groups like the Node.js Foundation are collaborating on projects to help cater to the growing demand for certified Node.js developers and have developed courses that are targeted to "green" developers. These courses come through a certification program that ensures that the developers have the skills necessary for the jobs that are being offered. Node.js is the future of application development! With Profound.js you can quickly and easily use Node.js to modernize your applications with a push of the button!
Profound Logic is the leader in application modernization efforts, giving our customers one of the easiest and cost-effective ways to give their system the "upgrade" it needs!

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