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What is Agile Modernization?

Posted by Tim Losee on Nov 29, 2017 3:03:15 PM

The IBM i (previously known as AS/400 or iSeries) is a stable, secure, and modern business platform. Thousands of companies rely on it on a daily basis to store and access their data.

52969235_m.jpgHowever, many companies are not aware that they can extend the value of their business applications with modern languages and graphical interfaces on IBM i. These business are tired of using green screens and because of this they take on high-risk, high-cost attempts to re-write their applications or migrate off the stable IBM i platform altogether. These re-write/migration attempts cost millions of dollars and can waste years of development efforts. 

Seeing these issues prompted Profound Logic to develop a completely unique approach called Agile Modernization.

What is Agile Modernization? It's a development philosophy that focuses on completing the projects you need now, as opposed to "Big Bang" approaches that try to tackle your entire application infrastructure or monolithic applications at once.

There are a few ways you can apply Agile Modernization in your business. The first is by applying the 80/20 rule to your RPG applications - i.e. modernize the screens of the MAIN applications your used by your business. Most businesses on IBM i only use 20% of their business apps 80% of the time. 

Another way is to update the source code in an accurate, automated way that enables your business to keep operating WHILE applications are deployed in either free-format RPG or Node.js via an easy-to-use, cross-platform development framework. This approach supports integration, open source development, and the addition of Watson or Internet of Things, WHILE remaining on your IBM i and retaining your systems of record.

What are the Perks of Agile Modernization?

  • Minimal Risk

An agile approach gives you the luxury of reducing the costs  and risks normally associate with attempting to rewrite RPG applications or a complete migration away from your IBM i investment. Gone are the days of millions of dollars wasted and hundreds of development hours wasted on an approach that may not even work. 

  • Integrated Systems

Agile Modernization allows you to integrate modern Node.js or Free-Format RPG easily with your IBM i apps. This allows your apps to be called as Web services and integrate with your Java, .NET, and PHP development efforts. 

  • Development Talent

Modern, Free-Format RPG and Node.js are much easier languages for younger developers (many of who have never worked with RPG in the past) to learn and maintain. Node.js is JavaScript - one of the most popular languages in the world - and can open your team up to a huge new pool of talent.

  • Open-Source Ecosystem

With Agile Modernization you can more easily extend your IBM i applications to a whole new world of open-source technologies that include Internet of Things, IBM Watson API, and Cloud services. 

Check out our Agile Modernization approach which includes our Profound UI Suite for rich, modern GUI interfaces & clean, modern RPG source code generation. Our Profound.js framework supports modern Node.js development for any business.  Check out our introduction to Profound.js video series to learn more!

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