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Updates: Profound.js 4.15.0

Posted by Scott Klement on Jun 9, 2020 10:00:00 AM

Our team has been hard at work updating our products and services. See the latest updates for Profound.js 4.15.0.

Profound.js and NodeRun Now has simple way running multiple SQL at the same time

Profound.js 4.15.0

You can now use the pjs.parallelQueries API to run several queries all at the same time.

function getData(request, response) {

let id =;

let name =;


let sql1 = "select count(*) as total from productsp";

let sql2 = ["select * from productsp"];

let sql3 = ["select * from productsp where productid = ? or prname = ?", id, name];


let qryResults = pjs.parallelQueries([sql1, sql2, sql3]);




See here for more information or for a working example on


Additional “New” Options in Profound.js and NodeRun

Profound.js 4.15.0

From the designer, you can now quickly add a typescript or vue file by simply clicking on the New ribbon button on the Home Tab, and choosing the type of file you want to add. Those buttons will open a new file with a sample of the appropriate structure. These file types, in the Files tab, will also have the proper icon.




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