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The Power of Persistence

Posted by DRusso on Sep 13, 2013 8:35:08 AM

If you have ever created a subfile program with Profound UI, you're probably already aware of the many cool features provided by the grid widget.

Among many other things, you can configure a grid so that the end user can sort the records, resize the columns, and even drag/drop the columns into a new sequence. And all without writing a single line of code to make it happen. Just turn on the grid's 'sortable columns', 'resizable columns', and 'movable column' properties, and you're done!

Up until very recently, though, there was no way to persist the user's changes. So the next time the user came back to the screen, the record sort, column size, and column sequence would be set back to the original configuration.

In version 4.6.3, the grid widget was updated to add the capability of persisting these changes indefinitely. You can now optionally configure a grid to save the user's changes to the browser's 'local storage' area. This storage will live forever, or until the user clears it using the browser's 'clear browsing data' function.

As with most things in Profound UI, setting this up is dead simple. Just turn on the grid's new 'persist state' property, and Profound UI takes care of the rest. If you decide later on that you want to remove this capability, just turn the property off and recompile the display, and the grid will go back to the 'normal' configuration.


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