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Profound.js 2.0 Video Series

Posted by Tim Losee on Aug 29, 2017 2:21:03 PM

Profound.js 2.0 is the latest product expansion from Profound Logic and was released in early May of 2017. Profound.js harnesses the power of Agile Modernization and Node.js for IBM i application modernization. Version 2.0 brings new capabilities to the product, including a Commercial Connector module and an Enhanced JumpStart module. The Profound Logic team has been dedicated to bringing comprehensive and easy to understand knowledge to our customers for years, and in that spirit we have created a series of videos to help you understand some of the amazing benefits that come with Profound.js 2.0. Here are a few videos to help you better understand Profound.js 2.0. For the full list of all our videos, please check out our Profound.js channel. 

Getting Started with Profound.js 2.0

With this first video, we give you an easy step by step process of how you can install Profound.js 2.0 on any development computer. This allows you to be able to work on your application development on any laptop or PC. This video will also walk you through how to test the functionality of Node.js and Profound.js 2.0 before installing it on your IBM i (previously the iSeries and AS/400). 

4 Fundamental Concepts of using Profound.js 2.0 and Node.js on IBM i

Our second video gives you a run down of 4 fundamental Profound.js 2.0 concepts. These concepts include:

  • Creating Node.js modules as ILE programs
  • Passing parameters in and out of modules you create
  • How to use NPM open source packages
  • How to use Fibers

These concepts are just a few examples of the power that Profound.js 2.0 can have on your application modernization efforts. Combining the power of Node.js and open source packages can give you an entirely new set of tools for your company.


View the entire video playlist on Profound.js 2.0 Here!
You can also view the videos on all our other products as well!


Sending Marker Data to Google Maps Using Profound.js 2.0

Our final video gives you an example of the raw power and flexibility that Profound.js 2.0 can give you. This video will show you how to send complex data and messages to web screens from Profound.js. Using Google Maps as an example of sending Marker Data helps you understand just how powerful of a partner Node.js can be for you. 

Using Node.js along with open source packages can save you time, effort, and money in any modernization project. It also allows you to take an agile approach to your modernization. Gone are the days of rewriting your entire code or replacing your entire system. Profound.js 2.0 allows you to pick and choose the areas of your business you want to modernize. See how we can help you by requesting a Proof of Concept or just contacting our team on our Contact Page

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