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Profound UI + TMW Systems = IBM i Modernization Magic

Posted by Profound Logic on Jul 10, 2014 8:38:55 AM

TMW Systems TMW has amazing IBM i products, but they had one hurdle to making their products accessible to Web users: the 5250 green screen. Luckily, for TMW, we have some experience with this beautiful beast. While we absolutely love the IBM i, we understood that the green screen makes it difficult for the new generation of users to fully appreciate what IBM i applications are capable of delivering. TMW’s awesome transportation products deserved an awesome Web UI!

Both of our love for the IBM i unified this desire to combine solutions to deliver a friendly UI solution for TMW's customers. We teamed with TMW to empower users with a point-and-click browser interface and drag-and-drop options so they can easily navigate the screen to plan resources and allocate assets. The unification of both products created pure magic.

Read more about this project at Steve Will's Blog: http://ibmsystemsmag.blogs.com/you_and_i/2014/07/modernizing-tmw-and-profound-logic.html



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