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Profound Logic New Features: Database Field Properties & Calling Applications on NodeRun

Posted by Profound Logic on Jun 4, 2019 11:28:23 AM


The Profound Logic Product Development team has released a set of new product features for both Profound UI and Profound.js. Profound UI 6 fix pack 3 and Profound.js 4.10 are available for download with these new features. 

Database Field Properties

Creating database-driven applications with Profound UI and Profound.js is easier and faster than ever before. In Profound UI version 6 fix pack 3.0 and Profound.js 4.9.0, the Visual Designer has been enhanced to allow developers to associate widget presets with fields from a database. This can be a real time saver, since widgets for commonly used database fields can now be configured once and quickly reused any time the field needs to be displayed on or input from the user interface.

Developers can now browse schemas, tables, and columns, using a new database explorer tree.

  database 1               

Two sets of presets be stored for each field, one for output, and one for input. Presets are configured using the Designer’s Properties window, which all Profound UI/Profound.js developers are familiar with. For example, a field can be pre-configured to use a drop down box widget for input by setting up a preset like this:

     database 2

Presets are stored on the server, so that all developers can share them. Fields can then be dragged from the Database tree to the Design canvas and a widget will automatically be created with the preset properties.

database 3

For more information on this feature, see the documentation here:


Call Applications on NodeRun.com from IBM i

Profound.js 4.9.0 adds the capability to call applications on NodeRun.com directly from native IBM i programs. NodeRun is Profound Logic’s Cloud-based environment for developing and sharing Profound.js applications.

A new CL command and ILE program, both called NODERUN, now ship with the Profound.js Connector. Calling a NodeRun application from IBM i is as simple as calling the command or program and passing the desired NodeRun workspace name and owner name. Parameters can be passed back and forth.

For example:

NODERUN OWNER(AcmeCorp) WORKSPACE(SalesReport) PARM('2019' '03')

NodeRun applications that use a Rich Display File user interface integrate seamlessly with Profound UI/Genie. The NodeRun application can also access IBM i data, call native programs or ILE procedures, and access other objects in the IBM i job using Profound.js Connector APIs like pjs.query(), pjs.call(), etc.

For more information, see the NodeRun command and program docs here:


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