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IBM i #NewsinReview: Sept. 18-25

Posted by Profound Logic on Sep 29, 2014 3:11:54 AM

IBM i Industry News

It's important to stay informed about industry news. You'll be able to quickly adapt to any changes that may occur in the market. Here are brief descriptions of articles I thought you might find useful:

  • Technology Focus: Mobile Application Development Tools
    By: Jon Ghrist
    Brief: Comparing HTML5 vs. Native vs. Hybrid for building mobile-device applications to access software running on servers including IBM i.
    Website: http://bit.ly/1lk33iz
  • Adopted Authority: Friend or Foe?
    By: Carol Woodbury
    Brief: Pros and Cons of using adopted authority, which is a way to temporarily elevate users' capabilities or access.
    Website: http://bit.ly/1odpbsF
  • The Top 10 Job Scheduling Challenges and How to Solve Them
    By: Martin Norman
    Brief: This article introduces the white paper “The Top 10 Job Scheduling Challenges and How to Solve Them.” The following trends about datacenters with Power Systems will be addressed in the paper: IT operational or administration staff numbers have been reduced; The majority of the remaining staff are more likely to be generalists rather than specialists; The operational procedures are in many cases still paper-based; There are fewer decision-making powers in the datacenter; Operational risks continue to increase; The "graying" of the Power Systems workforce is a worry to management.
    Website: http://bit.ly/XNnN92
  • An Intimate Conversation About 5250 Emulation
    By: David Shirey
    Brief: 6 Things to Look for in an Emulator: 1) The emulator runs on a variety of platforms 2) The emulator works on non-traditional displays: mobile, iPads, surface, etc. 3) Install and set-up should be easy 4) Emulator is customizable 5) Cost 6) Find an emulator that's supported.
    Website: http://bit.ly/1ymc1U4
  • Testing the Ruby Waters
    By: Aaron Bartell
    Brief: Tools for learning Ruby on IBM i.
    Website: http://bit.ly/1B9Ib19
  • A Bevy of BIFS: %ScanRpl (Scan and Replace)
    By: Jon Paris
    Brief: Using %ScanRpl (Scan and Replace) for IBM I V7.1 -- "[it] search[es] a target string for a given character sequence and replace it with another. Not only that but it will then continue to search through the target string and perform the replacement as many additional times as needed."
    Website: http://bit.ly/1mtP2B2
  • Where Have All the IBM i ISVs Gone?
    By: Alex Woodie
    Brief: "The list of vendors that have gone out of business or been acquired is long and getting longer every year, and today we're likely down to fewer than 1,000 vendors."
    Website: http://bit.ly/1rgSGNG
  • Searching for IBM I Answers
    By: Dan Burger
    Brief: HelpSystems is emailing surveys to identify the present and the future prospects of IBM i shops. This survey will reveal information that will be useful for executive management and people interested in investing in IBM i etc.
    Website: http://bit.ly/1uyfith
  • Watson Heading to Predictive Analysis
    By: Dan Burger
    Brief: "Watson Analytics is designed to help all business people--from sales reps on the road to company CEOs--see patterns, pursue ideas and improve all types of decisions," Bob Picciano, senior vice president, Information and Analytics Group, at IBM, said in a press release. "We have eliminated the barrier between the answers they seek, the analytics they want, and the data in the form they need. The combination of Watson-fueled analytics to magnify human cognition, the vast potential of big data, and cloud-scale delivery to PCs, smart phones and other devices is transformational."
    Website: http://bit.ly/1rgXW42
  • COBOL and RPG Take Similar Roads to Revival
    By: Dan Burger
    Brief: "The conversation I have with COBOL shops is about aligning IT with a specific business," he began. "Is COBOL strategic going forward? For some it could be an issue of aligning with Java or .NET or moving to a platform with more flexibility. But for many companies going forward with IBM i is strategic. It's about supporting the application, finding skilled developers, and aligning with a chosen architecture. Each company is different."
    Website: http://bit.ly/1mCzo6S
  • Don't FLRT with Disaster When it Comes to Applying PTFs
    By: Alex Woodie
    Brief: Fix Level Recommendation Tool (FLRT), a free web-based product from IBM that provides cross-platform compatibility information and fix recommendations for a variety of IBM products.
    Website: http://bit.ly/1uEsj4C
  • iSphere: A Free and Functional Plugin for Rdi/WDSc
    By: Alex Woodie
    Brief: iSphere, a native Eclipse plug-in that fills the functional gaps in Rdi/WDSc
    Website: http://bit.ly/1uVOAgy
  • Pushed Content Provides Easy Entry to Mobile Development
    By: Dan Burger
    Brief: System Object releases app called SP4i-Push which allows system administrators and application developers to automatically send mobile device notifications from IBM midrange servers or from applications running on those boxes
    Website: http://bit.ly/Zc9Frr


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