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IBM i #NewsinReview: August 14 - 21

Posted by Profound Logic on Aug 24, 2014 6:30:19 PM


Writing these weekly news in review blog posts remind me of the song "What's going on?" by All Star Tribute. Part of the lyrics state, "What's going on in the world today?" But I like to make my own rendition by singing, "What's going on with IBM i today?"

In this case, what happened with our beloved IBM i last week? For those of you who missed it, here's what happened:

  • Import CSV Files with File Correcting
    By: Rafael Victoria-Pereira
    Learn how to recover records with the most common user errors in the CSV file.
    Website: http://bit.ly/VIxxQL
  • Dell, HP Chase Upgrades From Windows Server 2003; Whither IBM?
    By: Timothy Prickett Morgan

    Windows will be removing Windows Server 2003 in July 2015. This may pose a problem to IBM i shops who also have Windows because migration may take a while to complete.
    Website: http://bit.ly/1roxit1
  • ManH Dives into 'Clienteling' with GlobalBay Buy
    By: Alex Woodie

    Manhattan Associates acquired assets of Global Bay Technologies to boost omni-channel strategy with "clienteling" capabilities. It is designed to improve the way retailers interact with customers.
    Website: http://bit.ly/XDh7Lu
  • The API Corner: Getting Directions Using Inquiry Messages
    By: Bruce Vining

    Learn more about the batch side of AllocObj. It can now send an inquiry message and perform processing based on the reply of the message.
    Website: http://bit.ly/1qtYn7M
  • Nice Form! Quadrant Boosts Automation and Control in Formtastic
    By: Alex Woodie

    Quadrant Software's Formtastic, a tool that automates the generation and distribution of electronic documents, adds a new change management feature and a new automated purge function.
    Website: http://bit.ly/1q2VFst
  • SoftLanding Repositions TurnOver for Database Conversions
    By: Alex Woodie

    SoftLanding releases TurnOver that introduces DDS-to-DDL database conversions.
    Website: http://bit.ly/1q2VTjp
  • Isaac Ramirez on Young RPG Programmers
    By: Paul Tuohy

    Paul talks with Isaac Ramirez, a 27 yr. old RPG programmer, about the world of the modern "young" programmer and how Isaac's company is approaching modernization.
    Website: http://bit.ly/1sXHE31

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