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IBM i #NewsinReview: August 7-14

Posted by Profound Logic on Aug 14, 2014 3:59:35 AM

IBM i News in Review: August 7 - 14


  • IBM i Job Market: Not All Doom and Gloom
    By: Alex Woodie
    While there are challenges in entering the job market, IBM i professionals have the opportunity to maximize their unique skill set to employers.
  • There's Something Happening Here
    By: Dan Burger
    An interview with Roxanne Lair from FIDM about keeping up-to-date with education at work.
  • Busy Signals Coming from PowerRuby
    By: Dan Burger
    The port of the Ruby language and the Ruby on Rails framework to IBM i 7.2 was just completed on June 7...Most of the early feedback from beta users related to difficulties setting up development environments and that was often pegged to the unfamiliar PASE/QSH command line. Some feedback exposed bugs in the install routines, which resulted in frequent updates."
  • IBM Tweaks Power8 CPU And Memory Prices Up
    By: Timothy Prickett Morgan
    IBM changes prices for the memory and processing capacity for the new Power8 systems.


  • Top 10 Reasons Why Rails on I is So Cool
    By: Don Denoncourt
    10 Reasons Don chooses to use Rails for IBM i:
    1. Convention over Configuration
    2. Community
    3. Interchangeable programmers
    4. Ruby
    5. No vendor lock-in
    6. Domain-centricity
    7. The console
    8. Develop production-quality apps while learning Rails
    9. Clean integration with HTML, JavaScript, CSS, XML, and JSON
    10. Rails works natively on the IBM i

IBM Systems Magazine:

  • Larry Bolhuis on Power Systems Hardware and Frankie
    By: Paul Tuohy

    "Paul finds out why Power Systems servers are so great, the benefit of solid state drives, why hardware is important to IBM i in the cloud, and about strange goings on in the “lab” and the creation of the monster known as Frankie."


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