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IBM i Pulse: February 2nd , 2018

Posted by Tim Losee on Feb 2, 2018 9:00:00 AM


Glad to have you back for this week's IBM i Pulse! Each week we will be taking a deeper look at the latest IBM i and Profound Logic news. 

From Our Experts:

Profound Logic News:

Educational Resources:

Product News:

  • Profound UI 5.13 is now available! If you are a current Profound UI customer you can download the latest version on our Download Page.

  • If you need some assistance in updating Profound UI from an older version (or even a VERY old version) you can follow this week's blog on how to Easily Update Profound UI.

Industry News:

LUG Talks About IBMi Priorities by Alex Woodie

The Large User Group (LUG) recently had their first meeting of 2018 at the IBM Lab in Rochester, Minnesota where they discussed several important topics relating to IBM i. LUG members meet three times a year, and this first meeting is dedicated to high-level strategic discussions of the IBM i platform.

Here are some of those topics discussed:

  • Application Development - Application Development usually goes hand in hand with Application Modernization, which LUG feels is what will create longevity on the platform.
  • Systems Management - Many of these discussions center on automation and meshing existing system management tools and techniques with emerging requirements around DevOps. 
  • Security - Much of the discussion on security centered around encryption and keeping the IBM i compliant with all the new and emerging regulations.
  • Availability and Recoverability - A lot of the discussion focused on how downtime windows are shrinking and more is expected in less time. LUG has been pushing IBM for less downtime and more enhancements.
  • Platform Awareness - LUG also is working directly with IBM to help highlight the IBM i more. "If we see something that we think IBM needs to address to help the platform continue to be seen in positive light, we have a couple of recommendations in that area.”

Learn more in the full IT Jungle article.

The Future of IT: Keep an Eye on Machine Learning by Axel Koester

Big data and analytic have had an enormous growth spurt over the past 10 years and the next 10 years look like this area of technology will continue to grow. Machine learning breakthroughs will give us a new global way to analyze and use the data that has been gathered. So with all this new data how can IT solve the problems? There has always been two main segments of problem-solving and now Machine Learning has added a third segment.
  1. Procedural IT - This has been the most traditional way of problem-solving in IT. Solving a problem by modeling its parameters, collecting data and then calculating a single result.
  2. Statistical IT - leverages big data that is collected from IoT technologies and smartphones each and every day for problem-solving.
  3. Machine Learning IT - Machine Learning will quickly outgrow both Procedural and Statistical within the next 10 years. Advanced automatic learning technology and a lack of "legacy" programmers are what will help Machine Learning take over IT problem-solving. 

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