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IBM i Pulse: August 24, 2015

Posted by Profound Logic on Aug 24, 2015 2:23:38 AM

IBM i Pulse - Latest IBM i (AS400) Headlines

You’re reading IBM i Pulse, our weekly bite-sized roundup of the latest headlines in the IBM i industry. Let's get to it.

Young RPG Talent: It Exists If You Make an Investment
by Brian May

  • "I am told at least 15 times at every conference I attend that companies cannot find RPG developers. Amazingly, I also hear from dozens of developers who say there are no jobs. Something is obviously awry here."

Source: http://www.mcpressonline.com/rpg/young-rpg-talent-it-exists-if-you-make-an-investment.html

Robert Tipton on the Challenge of Change
by Paul Tuohy

  • "Paul Tuohy talks to Robert Tipton, facilitator of Transformational Change and recent TEDx speaker, about the challenge of change at a company or department or on a personal level."

Source: http://www.ibmsystemsmag.com/ibmi/trends/iTALK-WITH-TUOHY/tipton-change/

Fact or Fiction: Critical Security Flaws Are Found in IBM i
by Carol Woodbury

  • "As a security professional who's made her career espousing the virtues of IBM i security, it's disconcerting to receive an email from a client with the title, "New Critical Exploits for iSeries Announced at Defcon." Defcon for those of you who are not familiar, is one of the world's largest hacker conventions."

Source: http://www.mcpressonline.com/ibm-i-os/400-i5/os/fact-or-fiction-critical-security-flaws-are-found-in-ibm-i.html

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