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IBM i Pulse: August 10, 2015

Posted by Profound Logic on Aug 10, 2015 3:09:43 AM

IBM i Pulse - IBM i Modernization News

You’re reading IBM i Pulse, our weekly bite-sized roundup of the latest headlines in the IBM i industry. Tune in every Monday to stay in the loop!

Lack Of Awareness Plagues Free-Form RPG
by Dan Burger

  • "How could IBM be more successful with IBM i? How about this novel idea: product promotion. For all the money it spends on product development, IBM fails to expand the IBM i market because product awareness remains low."
  • "The 2015 IBM i Marketplace Survey is the best available indicator of priorities. It shows half of all the IBM i shops are concerned about future skills depletion in the IBM i workforce. Free-form RPG is a solution for that."

Source: http://www.itjungle.com/tfh/tfh081015-story02.html

The IBM i Market Is Not Economics 101
by Timothy Prickett Morgan

  • "With IBM i 5.4 sunsetted and IBM i 6.1 saddling up for its ride to the west, this is when we would expect a lot of customers to start moving up to new iron and systems software. This, say the resellers that we have talked to, is precisely what is happening, and that is good news for the IBM i community."
  • "What I observe is that competition is greatly diminished and while that is good in certain ways for the IBM i community, it is bad in others. For one thing, it keeps the IBM i platform from having a true market of buyers and sellers that are free to elicit intense competition."

Source: http://www.itjungle.com/tfh/tfh081015-story01.html

...and last but not least, from one of us:

So You're Finally Ready to Modernize Your IBM i? Here's How to Start
by Brian May

  • "The hardest part of a modernization initiative is getting started. You'll find that, as you progress, the difficulty in starting the project is not insurmountable. You're reading this article, so you're interested in modernization. Here's a little secret. Your users want you to modernize your applications. So get started already!"

Source: http://www.mcpressonline.com/general/so-you-re-finally-ready-to-modernize-your-ibm-i-here-s-how-to-start.html

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