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IBM i Pulse: April 13th, 2018

Posted by Tim Losee on Apr 12, 2018 12:06:43 PM


Glad to have you back for this week's IBM i Pulse! Each week we will be taking a deeper look at the latest IBM i and Profound Logic news. 

From Our Experts:

  • Scott Klement's newest COMMON iLand Blog discusses RPG and YAJL.

Profound Logic News:

Educational Resources:

Product News:

Industry News:

How I Got Into #Node: Uttam Pawar by Node.js Foundation

Uttam Pawar, who is a frequent contributor to Node.js and its community, didn't always start out that way. After a frustrating experience at a startup, Uttam decided to take action and learn more about web/mobile development and learned more about Java, Flex, Rails(RoR) and eventually Node.js. Here are some of the highlights from his interview with Node.js Foundation.

"I’ve fallen in love with the open source software philosophy and started contributing to various projects. So far I’ve contributed to Linux kernel, GCC, the Open64 compiler toolchain, and Node.js."

"For most people who know JavaScript, they can start using Node.js very easily, but for me it was a little different. The use of Node.js made it easier to understand and write code in JavaScript. This reduced my learning curve quite a bit. Since then I started using the Node.js platform for work and pleasure."

"Currently I attend regular bench marking meetings. Monitor any performance issues reported on the Node.js Issues and look for opportunities to fix them. At Intel we have a team working to improve performance of the Node.js runtime (libuv, V8, http_parser, etc.) and highly used npm modules."

See the full interview here

8 Tips to Build Better Node.js Apps in 2018 by Bertalan Miklos

Each year Rising Stack takes time to focus on covering the best practices for writing and operating Node.js applications. As the first quarter of 2018 wraps up, we take a look at the top 8 tips that they think Node.js developers should be following in 2018. 

  • Tip #1: Use Async - Await
  • Tip #2: Get acquainted with import and import( )
  • Tip #3: Get familiar with HTTP/2
  • Tip #4: Get rid of code style controversies
  • Tip #5: Secure your Node.js applications
  • Tip #6: Embrace microservices
  • Tip #7: Monitor your services
  • Tip #8: Contribute to open-source projects

Read more about each tip in the full article here

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