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Getting Started with Profound.js

Posted by Tim Losee on Jul 5, 2017 1:33:36 PM

Over the past couple of weeks we have been taking an in depth look into Profound Logic's newest product... Profound.js 2.0. We discussed the benefits, the different components and now we are going to discuss the easiest ways for you to access Profound.js 2.0 for your needs. Profound.js 2.0 enables you to easily adopt Node.js in your business, and to take advantage of the many benefits of Node, including access to a much larger pool of developers for IBM i and access to countless reusable open source code packages on NPM (Node Package Manager)

Last week we finished discussing the components of Profound.js 2.0 , this week we are discussing how to get started with using Profound.js:

Step by Step Instalation

To get started with Profound.js will want to download Profound.js itself. You can follow the instructions on this link:


Or you can also follow the step by step installation guide we have created below:

You will be able to use the Profound.js Framework as soon as installation is complete. When you are ready for a trial of the Profound.js Connector and/or the Converter, please contact our sales and support team below:


Proof of Concept

Profound Logic would be happy to provide a Proof of Concept for any business that is interested. Much of what is done during the Proof of Concept phase will enable Profound Logic to convert additional code at a much faster pace:

    • Using the POC programs as a representative sample of the larger system, Profound Logic analyzes your code to determine how and if RPG operations, built-in functions, keywords, and programming techniques are supported by Profound Logic’s conversion process. This part of the work will be performed using automated scripts and pre-built unit tests.
    • After identifying any trouble areas, Profound Logic works on modifying the automated conversion process so that the POC programs can be converted to Node.js with zero (ideally) or minimal manual adjustments.
    • After this first phase of the work is completed, Profound Logic will test the converted applications to verify original functionality and perform any necessary manual adjustments.
    • Profound Logic will then work on functional enhancements to the application to demonstrate the benefits of conversion to Node.js, potentially including integration with Watson or other cognitive technologies.
    • Finally, Profound Logic will build reusable examples on how the converted programs can now be consumed as Web Services by other applications.

Now you should be able to begin testing Profound.js on your system. If you have any questions during your installation process, please do not hesitate to contact our sales/support team at:

Tune in next week to see the reasons that Profound.js is right for you and your company!

Profound.js harnesses the power of Agile Modernization and Node.js for IBM i application modernization. For more information on Profound.js 2.0 and how to get started with it click here!


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