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Discover Education and Tools for IBM i Modernization at WMCPA!

Posted by Profound Logic on Mar 5, 2015 4:40:45 AM

WMCPA Conference 2015 IBM i Profound Logic Software

Attending the Wisconsin Midrange Computer Professional Association's (WMCPA) Spring Technical Conference next week? Don't miss the chance to learn tips for successful RPG, database and application development and modernization with sessions by Profound Logic Developer and IBM i Champion Scott Klement. You can also learn more about RPG and DB modernization with a hands-on lab led by Jeff Tickner from our partner ARCAD Software.

Make sure to stop by the Profound Logic and Arcad Software booths to discover how our partnership offers the most comprehensive, integrated and pro-IBM i solution for modernizing your enterprise development environment. (Watch our recent joint Webinar for more information about that partnership!)

Session Schedule:

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

RPG User Defined Functions & Table Functions
Speaker: Scott Klement
10:15a-11:45a, Geneva 1

RPG is the best language in the world for writing business rules. But what happens when you want to use those business rules from SQL? Or from a web application that accesses your business logic through SQL? In this session, Scott will explain how User Defined Functions (UDFs) can be called from SQL statements to run from anywhere, including ad-hoc queries, SQL run from web applications, and SQL run from the embedded SQL precompilers used by RPG and other languages.

Hands-on Lab: Mobile App in RPG with Profound UI
Speaker: Scott Klement
2:30p-4:00p, Courtyard 2

This hands-on lab will give you the chance to try creating a mobile app using Profound UI. With this tool, you can write an RPG program that runs on IBM i, and when it does a standard EXFMT operation, the display will come up on a mobile device. It is the easiest and most powerful way to create mobile apps on IBM i.

Hands-on Lab: Modernize your Database with ARCADTransformer DB
Speaker: Jeff Tickner
10:15a-11:45a, Courtyard 3

Hands-on Lab: Modernize your Code with ARCADTransformer RPG
Speaker: Jeff Tickner
2:30p-4:00p, Courtyard 3

"The Mini Modernization Lab", This lab will offer some hands on experience to understand the challenges of Modernization. No matter where you starting point the lab will allow for discussion with experts in many areas of the Modernization movement. In addition, IBM and Arcad Software solutions will be available to facilitate the conversion of fixed format RPG to free form and the conversion of DDS to DDL. Bring your unique challenges to the lab to learn firsthand recommended best practices.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Accessing External Databases from RPG
Speaker: Scott Klement
10:15a-11:45a, Geneva 1

Years ago, a business might have run everything on one platform, but not today. RPGers often need to access data from 3rd party databases, such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL and DB2 on other platforms. One way to do this is by using Java database (JDBC) drivers in your RPG programs. Scott will share his experience in using this technique and show you how you can access external databases from your RPG programs.


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