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Components of Profound.js 2.0

Posted by Tim Losee on Jun 13, 2017 3:04:50 PM

Over the next several weeks we will be taking an in depth look into Profound Logic's newest product... Profound.js 2.0. We will be discussing the benefits, the different components as well as the easiest ways for you to access Profound.js 2.0 for your needs. Profound.js 2.0 enables you to easily adopt Node.js in your business, and to take advantage of the many benefits of Node, including access to a much larger pool of developers for IBM i and access to countless reusable open source code packages on NPM (Node Package Manager)

Lets take a deeper dive into the components of Profound.js 2.0 and how it can help modernize your legacy IBM i. There are three major components to Profound.js 2.0; the Framework, the Connector, and the Converter:

Profound.js Framework:

The Framework of Profound.js provides many unique opportunities and additions to your applications. Some of the things that you can look forward to within the Profound.js Framework are:

  • Free NPM Package that gives Node.js RPG-like capabilities. 
  • Node.js applications are immediately Enterprise-ready for all your companies needs. 
  • Enables top-down transactional business programming. 
  • Streamlines development and avoids the "Callback Hell" often associated with Node.js.
  • Built-in support for seamless integration with the Profound UI's Rich Display Files. 
  • Numeric precision rules and strongly typed fields needed to support business applications and data. 

Profound.js Connector:

The Connector module of Profound.js is a simple to use API for DB2 access, data areas, and other system resources. The Connector allows Node.js to have several IBM i concepts including:

  • Record Level Access
  • SQL and support for overrides

 It also provides Node.js the ability to call any IBM i Program or Command directly and gives Node.js the ability to pass any IBM i parameters.

In addition, the Profound.js Connector enables Node.js to work with interactive 5250 commands and programs, along with enabling Node.js to be called by any IBM i program directly as an ILE object. This allows it to Display HTML or even Profound UI's Rich UI in the midst of 5250 programs or RPA OA programs. 

Finally, the Profound.js Connector:

  • Enables Node.js to call any System API like a simple JavaScript function
  • Enables Node.js to call any Service Program procedure.
  • Includes database drivers for IBM i to support robust, top-down integration with SQL or Record Level Access methods.  

Profound.js Converter:

The Converter module is currently available as a service and automatically converts existing RPGLE code into clean Node.js code. Over the next two weeks we will be going into greater detail on all the major benefits that the Converter module can bring you and your business so stay tuned!

Profound.js harnesses the power of Agile Modernization and Node.js for IBM i application modernization. Join our live Webinar on the power of Profound.js 2.0 on June 28th, at 10:30am PDT. We will be giving a step by step look through our newest product and be able to answer questions for you afterwards. Sign up today!


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