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Agile Modernization: Profound UI Genie

Posted by Tim Losee on Mar 28, 2017 2:00:00 PM

profound-ui-square_600x600.pngFor companies that run on the IBM i platform (previously known as the AS/400 or iSeries), one of the greatest challenges can be transferring your interfaces into more “user friendly” applications for your employees and customers. We at Profound Logic aim to solve that dilemma for businesses.

Last week we discussed our RPG Open Access Handler, a tool that allows shops the option of creating modern applications using IBM® Rational® Open Access RPG Edition.There are 5 modules that make up Profound UI, and the next module we are going to discuss is Profound UI's Genie module.

The Genie module gives green screens a modern look without investing heavily in development time and tools. This is far beyond your normal "screen scraper" tool, it provides on-the-fly green screen modernization with an intuitive, non-intrusive method for modernizing all of your RPG, PHP, CL, Cobol, menu, and system screens. 

Some of the Benefits of the Genie module are:

webinar.png  Take your web-enabled screens to the next level by customize and enhancing them with rich Web features and functionality. 

25_easyToUse.png Use our easy-to-use point and click interface to add additional functionality to your applications.

13_widget.pngInstantly add dynamic grids, interactive charts, database-driven drop downs, graphical panels, and many other components into your existing applications without any coding.

Our Genie module can take your applications to the next level of modernization quickly and painlessly without having to invest a great deal of time and effort!

Interested in a demo? Check out our list of webcasts to see how it works!

Each of these modules on their own bring immense value to your company, and Profound UI contains all of them in one comprehensive, integrated suite. Over the next weeks, we will dive into each of the modules and discuss in depth their value. Next week we will look at the Atrium  module and give you a better understanding of its value to your business needs. 

Topics: Application modernization, IBM i applications

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