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Can Agile Modernization Help My Business?

Posted by Tim Losee on Apr 25, 2017 2:00:00 PM

Are you looking for a way to bring your business' legacy IBM i (AS/400) applications into a more modern and robust look? You are not alone. Many business are worn out by the use of their 5250 green screens and want a more modern and user friendly interface. With today's technological advancements, many companies are looking for a modernization approach to update the interface capabilities of their IBM i systems. 

Some business take on high-risk, high-cost total system rewrites and migrations off of IBM i all together. The hope is to take all of their data to a more modern and user friendly system, but more often then not these projects fail - costing millions of dollars, wasted time and effort and some times loss of information. 

Thankfully, there is now an incremental, iterative, agile approach to IBM i modernization. Agile Modernization combines conversion to Node.js and a rich user interface front end for true, enterprise-level IBM i modernization. Some of the perks of an Agile Modernization approach are:

  • New Talent Pool - Modernizing with JavaScript (one of today's most popular languages), opens your team to new and younger developers. 
  • Minimal Risk - An Agile Modernization approach removes the costs and risks normally associated with rewriting your RPG applications. 
  • Integrated Systems - Conversion allows your IBM i apps to be called as Web services, allowing your system to easily integrate with existing Java, .NET and PHP code. 
  • Open- Source Ecosystem - Extend your IBM i apps to a new world of open-source technologies which include; The Cloud, Watson and Internet of Things. 

Profound.js is the perfect Agile Modernization tool for any company looking to modernize their IBM i system.  This tool is the key piece in making Agile Modernization possible. Profound.js is a suite of tools that allows you to modernize legacy RPG applications using open source Node.js. There are 4 easy steps to completing your Agile Modernization project: 

  1. Convert - Use Profound.js to convert your RPG applications to Node.js on IBM i as needed. This is all done without losing any compatibility. 
  2. Integrate - Integrate your IBM i with previously incompatible systems. Systems that include: Java, .NET, and PHP.
  3. Extend - Take advantage of the resources available on the Open Source Ecosystem from your IBM i. These resources can (but not limited too) Watson API, Internet of Things and The Cloud.
  4. Design - Design beautiful graphical interfaces with Profound UI to eliminate any perceptions of being "outdated." Gone are the days of the old 5250 green screens.


Profound.js integrates seamlessly with the Node.js framework and is able to use it's converter tool to automate the majority of the RPG to Node.js conversion. Any data that is not automatically converted can be handled by one of Profound Logic's experts.

Along with conversion your company will have the ability for existing RPG programs to call directly into the Node.js modules and vise versa. The converter tool also allows for direct integration between Node.js user interfaces and RPG program displays; in addition the Visual Design Tool gives you drag and drop IDE that allows for a Rich UI experience.

Agile Modernization is a way for your business to fully capitalize on modern technology without all the hassle and worry of a full system rewrite. Profound.js is the perfect module of tools to save you time and money for your Agile Modernization project. 

To see how it all works, you can request a proof of concept here.

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