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7 Reasons AI is the Future of IBM i Customer Service

Posted by Tim Losee on Jul 30, 2018 10:27:18 AM
Automation is everywhere nowadays, helping end-users perform a wide range of tasks to help better their lives, including customer service. Experts suggest that by 2020, 80-85% of customer interactions can be handled without the need of a human agent. The basic tier-1 customer needs can be handled by AI such as chatbots and automated self-serve technology. This frees up customer service representatives for more complex support needs. Creating easy to use and helpful AI technology for your IBM i platform can improve brand loyalty, increase revenue streams, and increase your brand awareness.

Here are 7 reasons AI can improve your IBM i customer service in the future.

1. Resolving Problems Before They Happen

An IBM i platform partnered with AI can monitor user activity for pre-determined distress indicators which would allow it to identify customers experiencing a technical issue and what that issue might be. You can even design your system to offer real-time response support in the form of documents, F.A.Q, contact form, or even virtual service agents to help with their issues. Solving customer issues before they happen can help you lower customer abandonment rates as well as improve your overall customer satisfaction. 

2. Messaging Applications

Consumers are increasingly using messaging apps to interact with businesses, giving these businesses the opportunity to create new relationships with customers while strengthening relationships with existing customers. As an IBM i business, you now have the opportunity to monetize these relationships by using real-time, customized service bots connected to your platform within these messaging applications. Facebook Messenger alone has over 30,000 chatbots where consumers can connect with brands to purchase anything from airline tickets to book hotel reservations.

3. Speed Matters

Surveyed customers say that receiving a quick and complete resolution to their customer service issues equates to a good customer service experience. Having AI connected to your data allows you to handle customer issues at any time, day or night. This helps to speed up these customer service issues and complete them quickly and easily. Powering AI with online FAQ content is one way to help immediately answer common questions, these types of solutions help drive up the customer satisfaction for many businesses.

4. Self Service Requests

Most consumers now want to avoid typical human interactions when dealing with customer service issues, they overwhelmingly prefer to have a self-service option. They prefer to solve their own customer service issues using solutions like FAQ's, forums, and online chat options. Connecting your IBM i platform to automated service AI can help with the growing human-free demand for customer service. If businesses are not willing to adapt to the digital-only interaction of customer service, they risk losing generations of current and future customers.

5. Personal Interactions

Throughout our lifetime it is estimated that we will generate thousands of gigabytes of data, but only 33% has any true value once analyzed. IBM i companies collecting customer data can combine machine learning and AI to deliver personalized help through the interaction of their customer's time with them. From product recommendations to real-time website redesign for easier customer use, these personalized interactions can create a life-long customer by utilizing the personal data collected.

6. Scalability

New AI technology can give IBM i businesses the power to scale the customer service experience, even if they have limited resources. For example, if a new product is launched a business can release interactive FAQs, helping to solve customer quires on the new product, freeing up human employees to help those more difficult customer issues. In addition, these digital interactions can continue to learn from each of the interaction helping companies continue to shape their customer service interaction.

7. Always be There

With AI powering your customer service, you are no longer constrained by time zones, weekends, or public holidays. Your customers need you immediately and you can provide them with that service. This always-on customer service not only gives you the ability to resolve issues immediately, but it gives your customers the feeling that you are always there to help, no matter the time or day. This can influence customer satisfaction by showing them you are dedicated to supporting them - a valuable trait to increase the value of your brand and reputation.

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